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Concepción Studios

Concepción Studios is the design studio of San Jose native Patrick Concepción, who specializes in graphics for the music industry. With his knowledge of photography and graphic design, ...

Northern California Coast Pics

I had a chance to get away up the California coast, Crescent City to be exact. I packed sort of last minute and completely forgot my camera. Needless to say, the scenery was still too in...

y experience as a graphic designer started the same way everyone else's started... with a piece of paper and a pencil at a very young age. I had toys, but seldom touched them as I preferred to draw my favorite cartoon characters, color them in, cut them out, and play with them instead. Today, I'm motivated by many of the facets design has to offer. I love creating custom logos, designing and building high-end websites, and laying out clean print design. I also enjoy producing t-shirts, and experimenting with a little photography and some motion graphics. I pride myself in being knowledgeable and resourceful with today's toys to build top-notch creations.

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